The team

One of most beautiful complments people ever have done to us it's we look like more a family then a work group. And that's exactly how we feel: a family, the family of Ristorante Tasso. Look: you will often hear laughter coming from the kitchen or from the offices at the entrance. We are ones who have fun during the work and the positive atmosphere that reigns among the restaurant's rooms inevitably also infects our customers, for a culinary experience that goes well beyond food.


Bagni Sant'Anna, not only Ristorante Tasso


Right on the seafront of Sorrento, in Marina Grande, there is Bagni S.Anna, a historic beach resort in Sorrento that since the summer of 2014 has become the son of the "Tasso family". Same philosophy and same passion for good food.

mmersed in the characteristic seaside village of Sorrento, the Bagni Sant'Anna, among other things the Dino Risi film "Pane, Amore e ..." and the "Premio Caruso" music festival, is the ideal place to spend a nice day coddled by the waves of the sea and where to relax waiting for the sunset..

Deckchairs, sunbeds and umbrellas in a structure that can accommodate about 100 people, with maximum attention to tranquility, privacy and relaxation for every single bather.

The Ristorante Sant'Anna, like the Ristorante Tasso, offers a rich and tasty menu and the traditional gastronomic specialties delight even the most demanding palates. The recipes, mainly based on fish, are prepared with products delivered daily by the fishermen and traders who live in the village.

The restaurant is also open in the evening and the lights and scents of the village and of Sorrento, which dominates it, make the atmosphere even more relaxing and fascinating.

On request, we organize intimate and refined parties, banquets for ceremonies, exclusive aperitifs for birthday parties, refreshments.

Do you need other informations? Send a mail to: or call the number+39 081 807 41 78